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Locations Where you Worked:

Universal Studios location - Universal City, CA
Thomas Lords - and - Victoria Station Restaurants

Thomas Lords Restaurant - first as a Driver to get people moved, from lower parking lot, to main entrance just up the hill a bit, then as a server. The driving was necessary until they built the train car funicular that performed this function. It operated as any regular elevator, but on an angled straight 100ft long track, from parking lot level, up to the restaurant lobby. Often time fireman were called to lower trapped passengers whenever it failed. Not easy to do and very scary, about 12-15 foot drop.

After Thomas Lords closed it struggled to have a life as a comedy club, dance club, bar while I continued on as a server at Vic's.

VS Stories:

Originally, in 1977, I interviewed for my job in a trailer on the lower parking. Looking up at the restaurant, it was still missing all the exterior windows and walls which made it look a little odd. And there was an english passenger train car parked next to it. Very interesting. This was during very last phase of construction - mostly clean up & details remained - I was hired as part of the opening crew.

Originally if opened with 2 restaurants. I was employed at the Thomas Lords side of restaurant. It was under the same roof - which was L-shaped - just on the other side of dome - behind dome as seen in pictures, still to come. It lasted about one year. I stayed on for maybe 2yrs.

I left for fifteen years and returned only to be part of the crew that closed the place down on Labor Day 1996. I worked a total of about 6 years and I loved the place.

I have many interior shots, especially of last 2 days ... and I returned 3x's during demolition and took more shots. They tore away the back third of the structure - the main area where the 4 train cars sat side by side about 12-25ft apart ... They added new construction to it for the Marvel Mania restaurant that took over. Today, everything still stands, the front 2/3rds including Main Dome - all of which is still a Universal Studios walk-through attraction today. I think it too will be torn down soon as Universal renovates.
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The break down & demolition starting about a month after closing in late Sept96 and throughout Dec when all that was left a windowless wallless roof & dome. It provided closure for me as I was quite attached to the place.

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